Tight Cut Versetta Stone

  • $60.58

A Refined Cut Stone Appearance That’s Easy To Install

Versetta Stone Tight Cut pattern gives you the sophisticated look of expertly cut and fitted stones in a panel that installs with screws or nails. It’s an efficient way to raise the bar on curb appeal. Plus, you can use it inside for an accent wall or fireplace, or outside around a patio or pool where you want the inviting look of stone.

  • Easy Installation can be performed by a siding contractor or carpenter
  • Installs anywhere without the need for additional footings for support
  • Manufactured stone veneer available in several popular colors
  • Durability to withstand freezes, thaws, winds and heat
  • Each panel covers 2ft2

Picture Perfect Stone Colors

The same pattern of stone can take on a variety of looks with different color combinations That’s why Versetta Stone panels come in dark colors for a rich premium appearance and lighter colors for a fresh, clean approach. Explore all the colors to find the match that fits your design style.

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