Sure Klean® Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment WB Plus

  • $191.59

Natural Stone Treatment WB Plus

Extra-strength water-based water repellent

Sure Klean® Weather Seal Natural Stone Treatment WB Plus is a water-based water repellent for limestone, marble and travertine that delivers the same performance as solvent-based products, without the drawbacks of traditional water-based treatments.

VOC-compliant, ready-to-use, and low odor, this modified siloxane water repellent was developed to provide long-lasting penetrating protection. Compared to conventional water-based water repellents, Natural Stone Treatment WB Plus has greater water-repellency, longer service-life and is less likely to stain. Use of this product will not alter the substrate's natural texture but may cause some darkening. Always test to ensure desired results before overall application.


        Available in 5 gallon pails or cases of 4/1 gallon bottles.

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