Sure Klean® Fast Acting Stripper

Sure Klean® Fast Acting Stripper

  • $174.40

Fast Acting Stripper

Multi-layer paint remover

Sure Klean® Fast Acting Stripper is a thixothropic stripping compound designed for removing coatings and epoxies from masonry, wood and metal surfaces. It also removes oil, grease and waxes from concrete decks, tile and terrazzo floors.

  • Effectively removes yellowed sealers and wax build-up as well as a variety of paint coatings and graffiti.
  • Specially formulated for removing the toughest coatings – effectively removes epoxy, polyurethanes and other high strength coatings.
  • Excellent for stripping oil, grease and built-up coatings from concrete decks.


Available in 5 gallon pails or cases of 4/1 gallon bottles.