ProVia Precision Fit

  • $24.30

Flat Boxes Contain 5 sq.ft.

Corner Boxes Contain 6 ln.ft.

Just like its name...Installers appreciate how easily, quickly and precisely PrecisionFit precast stone veneer panel systems are installed. You'll love the natural color, realistic texture and character that make any stone wall project, from interior fireplaces to exterior siding, a luxurious addition to your home, at an affordable cost to install.


*PrecisionFit Arctic / Onyx (*Enhanced Color) 

Provia's Enhanced Coloring System is an all-new stone coloring process designed to capture the beauty of natural stone colors, while elevating the vibrant intensity of selective stones. This advanced coloring process involves multiple stages of hand-layering rich pigments, resulting in subtle color shades with maximum depth and enhanced curb appeal.